"We may not be able to explain entirely why we suffer, but we can help alleviate it by responding to the difficulties of our times."
- Bart Ehrman


The Cold War in eastern Europe and Russia is long over yet the after effects can be seen and severe poverty and injustice remain. Decades of inhumane ideologies have left behind a tragic legacy which can be seen in ethnic unrest, bankrupt economies, severe poverty and unemployment. The victims are many who have little no voice, from orphans in Romania to malnourished children in Bulgaria; we can help them by being their voice.

Throughout eastern Europe and Russia there is no middle-class; this results in most living in abject poverty. By (resourcing) working closely with compassionate vetted Nationals in their countries EuroAid can ensure sound accountability. Funds are used efficiently, cultures are understood and lives changed.

Imagine not being able to heat your home without causing harm to your children; or not being able to bathe, brush your teeth or wear clean clothing. Imagine having only one cold water faucet for an entire village. This is reality for many of the poor and dislodged in eastern Europe and Russia.

Who we are

EuroAid is a Christian relief development and advocacy organization dedicated to work with children, families and communities in the eastern countries of Europe and Russia at a grass roots level by providing for their physical, practical and emotional needs.

What we do

We are solely committed to help overcome abject poverty and acute hunger, provide clean water and basic human relief, restore dignity and assist in education regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender.

Places we're making a difference


Romania Projects



Community Development


Currently water, mud, straw and feces make up the building materials for housing. These materials deteriorate very quickly and are put into place prior to the min. 6 month drying period needed.


EuroAid is working with its strategic partners in Tulca to develop brick making and basic housing for the poor. Goal is to develop community living that is sustainable and above present living conditions.


An acre of land, staffing and training of locals to build micro economy for community, well digging, building of homes.



Health Clinic


Alibaba is the poorest area of Medgidia and very basic health care is non-existent for this community. Basic care will help prevent systemic illness from arising and causing even greater issues.


EuroAid is working with its partners in Medgidia to finish development on a small health facility to attend to the general medical, dental and optometry needs of this community.


Finish construction and development of facility, volunteer medical and support staff, part time staff, medical supplies.





Visits are presently done in a 45 mile radius to serve the sick and terminally ill and so very few can be done daily and the numbers are staggering. To extend a hand of dignity to those who cannot help themselves.


EuroAid is working with its partners in Oradea to build that area’s first residential hospice which will be far more efficient and effective and provide basic needs for its patients for generations to come.


Finish construction of the hospice (land was generously donated). Maintaining a steady staffing presence to attend to the sick and terminally ill.

Gift Guide

Bundle Options

Children's Bundle

Snacks for school: $5
+ School supplies: $24
+ New socks and supplies: $22
= $51

Home Bundle

Food Box: $30
+ Blanket: $24
+ Hygiene Pack: $30
= $84

Winter Bundle

Winter clothing: $30
+ Firewood: $70
= $100


Gifts Up to $25

After school club

$5 for an after school club for five days for one child

This gift will enable children living in difficult circumstances to go to an after school club, where they will receive a healthy snack and help with homework - things that they would not get a home.

School Supplies

$24 for school supplies for one child

In many countries children cannot for to school if they don't have exercise books and pens. This gift will help give a child an education and a chance to break out of the cycle of poverty.

Children's Gift

$7 for a gift for one child

Bring some sunshine into a child's life by enabling our partners to buy toys to give to children who may otherwise go without, or crafts to be made at camps and kids clubs.

New Shoes

$20 for one pair of shoes

It is a shocking sight to see children playing in the snow in flip flops or bare feet. Help young children step out confidently with a new pair of shoes, giving protection from rubbish, mud and snow.

Gifts Up to $20

Gifts Up to $30

Food Box

$30 for a food box

When you are struggling to feed your family, can you imagine that joy of receiving this gift?


$24 for one blanket

In Eastern Europe, winter temperatures can drop to well below zero. Help a family keep warm and get a good night's sleep with a cosy blanket.

Soup Kitchen

$22 for one month's food supply

For many children living in poverty, a soup kitchen will be their only source of a hot meal. Help us make sure they do not go without.

Hygiene Pack

$30 for one pack of hygiene items

A gift of a hygiene pack containing soap, shampoo, toothbrush and other essential items can make a world of difference and bring a real sense of dignity to the one who receives it.

Gifts Under $30

Gifts Up to $70


$36 for medicines or a nurse visit

For someone struggling with illness and living in terrible poverty, this gift will help provide medicines, healthcare and emotional support.

Winter Clothing

$30 for a winter coat

Temperatures plummet terribly in the winter months, sometimes reaching below minus 25 degrees. Winter clothing is no just the difference between comfort and discomfort, but sometimes even life and death, especially for the young and elderly.

Lunch and Warmth

$50 for one month's meals for an elderly person

This gift will enable an elderly person living in poverty to visit a day centre for a hot meal each lunch time, allowing them to enjoy the company of others. It also gives the opportunity to take a warm shower and receive clean clothes.


$70 for one month's supply

The ultimate winter gift! This fight will provide a means of heat to combat the freezing winter temperatures in East Europe. It can literally be the difference between life and death.

Gifts Under $70

Gifts Under $200


$80 for livestock

This gift will enable our partners to choose the most appropriate livestock for the rural family they are helping, whether it be a bundle of chicks, a pig or a goat.

Summer Camp

$160 for a week's camp for one child

Whatever the season, bring a ray of sunshine into a child's life with this fantastic gift! Provide the opportunity for one child to go to one week of camp, quite literally the experience of a lifetime!

Gifts Under $200

Gifts over $300

Humanitarian Aid Shipment

$4000 for shipment

The gift will send up to 20 tons of essential aid such as clothing, medical supplies and food.

Hospice In-Patient Unit

$1,500 for materials for one room in the new building

The Emanuel Hospice in Oradea, Romania, has a team of dedicated doctors, nurses and social workers who visit patients living in poverty across the Bihor County. Much time is spent in travel, and the team are now raising funds to build an in-patient unit, which will provide hygienic, constant and loving care for those facing their last days in this world.

Gifts Over $300

"Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love."
- Martin Luther King


Stay up to date with current news and stories about our ongoing efforts within Eastern Europe and Russia.

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"The test of the morality of a society is what it does for its children."
- Dietrich Bonheoffer

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